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The Sewell Barn Company


Casting Notes

Each of our directors has written notes to help you decide which plays to audition for. Click on the images to read the notes for each play or click here to download the full set of notes. Download a form to register your interest in auditioning for a play.

Much Ado About Nothing


A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol

That Face

Cowardy Custard




The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

The Female of the Species

By Joanna Murray -Smith

The Love of the Nightingale

By Timberlake Wertenbaker

Amy’s View

By David Hare

The Innocents

By William Archibald


By Matt Grinter

Under Milk Wood

By Dylan Thomas


By Jez Butterworth

Tempest auditions Mojo auditions Innocents Auditions Female of the Species auditions Nightingale  Auditions Amy's View auditions Orca Auditions Under Milk Wood auditions