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The Children

By Lucy Kirkwood

Director: Peter Wood

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Performance dates: 2-4, 8-11 May (including a matinee May 11) 2019


Two retired nuclear scientists, Hazel and Robin, live in an isolated cottage on England’s eroding eastern shores (by inference, on the Suffolk coast, not far from Sizewell B) and outside the exclusion zone of a nuclear disaster. Their former home was made uninhabitable following an earthquake, ensuing tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown at the power plant where they worked. In this post-apocalyptic world where blackouts are commonplace, drinking water must first be boiled and a Geiger counter is essential for day to day living, the pair eke out a relatively spartan lifestyle. However, their fragile, ordered existence is disrupted when another nuclear scientist and former work colleague at the power station, Rose, whom they have not seen in 38 years, turns up completely out of the blue. Hazel wonders why Rose has reappeared after all this time. The latter did once have an affair with Robin so might she hope to rekindle this romance? However, it becomes apparent that Rose has a very different agenda and will make a chilling, daunting request to her friends of old.


Hazel, Robin and Rose are in their sixties but there is a degree of flexibility with regard to the ages of these characters.

Hazel: Cautious by nature and somebody who does all she can to maintain stability and normality in an otherwise fractured existence. Fussy, ordered and domesticated, Hazel possesses an ill-concealed resentment of Rose.

Rose: Her attitude and outlook differ markedly from Hazel’s. She takes life as it comes and unlike Hazel makes no effort to stem the signs of advancing age. She is headstrong, wilful, reckless and sly and has a discernible mischievous streak.

Robin: Affable and charming but also crafty and lecherous. He has not really reformed in the wake of his affair with Rose. He has successfully maintained a crucial pretence over a period of time. A lovable rogue.

AUDITIONS: Sunday 20 January @ 7.00pm in the Barn

Audition pieces will be provided on the night. There is no need to prepare anything in advance though it would be beneficial for those auditioning to be acquainted with the play. If you are interested but unable to attend the audition please contact the director.


These will commence w/b 4 March and will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will also be a few Sunday afternoon rehearsals. With a cast of only three, it’s likely that all will be needed for much of the time.


NHB (Nick Hern Books) ISBN 978-1-84842-618-4