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The Killing of Sister George

By Frank Marcus

22-24, 28 Feb, 1-3 March 2018 at 7.30pm

Matinée 3 March at 2.30pm

Sister George is the kindly, caring nurse in a much loved radio soap opera. She is played by June Buckridge, in real life a gin guzzling, cigar-chomping, slightly sadistic woman, the antithesis of the sweet character she plays. When she discovers that her character is scheduled to be killed off, she becomes even more difficult and her treatment of ‘Childie’, the younger woman she lives with, reaches impossible levels.

From the director

I’m fascinated by the complexity of the play which can be read on so many different levels. It is very funny and has many farcical moments but at the same time it is immensely sad and deals with loneliness and loss. The play is set in the mid sixties but the allusions and context are far from the stereotypical swinging sixties. In many ways the play explores the effects of repression and social restrictions despite the fact that it is about a lesbian relationship. The challenge is to convey the bittersweet nature of the play whilst giving the audience plenty of opportunity to laugh at the savagery of the wit and sharp ripostes in evidence throughout the text.

Clare Williamson


June Buckridge - Gill Tichbourne

Alice McNaught - Sophie Blythe

Mercy Croft - Mandy Kiley

Madame Xenia - Joy Davidson


Director - Clare Williamson

Stage Manager - Karl Hartland

Set Designer - Dan Smith

Sound - Malcolm Robinson &

Jess Hutchings

Music arrangement - Chad Mason

Lighting - Chris Jones

Wardrobe - Jennifer Flitton &

Brenda Jones


Download the press release

Press release - Killing of Sister George (22 Feb - 3 Mar 2018).pdf