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The Sewell Barn Company

Flare Path

DINNER by Moira Buffini

Director Jen Dewsbury

Contact details / 07763 898164 (email contact preferred)

Performance dates:  5–7 and 11–14 April 2018 (matinée 14 April) 2018


Paige is throwing a dinner party in honour of husband, Lars, and his best-selling pop psychology book ‘Beyond Belief’.  She has been preparing the menu for months: ‘Primordial Soup’, ‘Apocalypse of Lobster’ and for dessert ‘Frozen Waste’. She’s even employed a professional waiter specially for the occasion.

The guests are Wynne, a post-feminist artist who at one time exhibited a painting of her MP lover’s genitals (which a cartoonist entitled “The Member for Camberwell Green”); Hal, a microbiologist who is still sensitive about the numerous suicidal attempts made by his ex-wife; Hal’s new wife Sian, a journalist and newsreader; and Mike, the uninvited guest who only wanted to use the telephone but ends up staying for dinner.

CASTING: 3M / 3F / 1M or F

Paige Mid 40s to early 60s. Wife of Lars, dinner party hostess. Wealthy, glamorous, elegant, a woman who has everything. Alcoholic? Well known for her wonderful food.

Lars Mid 40s to early 60s. Husband of Paige, lover of Wynne. Ex city trader turned philosopher and writer. Author of pop-psychology current best-seller ‘Beyond Belief’.

Wynne Mid 40s to early 60s. In love with Lars. Just left her lover, an MP. Bohemian in fashion, vegetarian, cyclist, eco warrior, artist.

Hal Mid 40s to mid 60s, microbiologist & author (not successful). Now married to Sian, was married to Paige’s best friend.

Sian Mid 20s to 40s, Married to Hal, smoker, tv journalist, cynic. (‘newsbabe’, ‘sexpot’),

Mike 20s-40s Ex-army. freelance van-driver, possible burglar.

The Waiter Silent, efficient, discreet, capable, attentive, observant. (NOT a ‘Jeeves’).


All cast will be needed pretty much all of the time. Rehearsals likely to be 6.30pm/7.00pm - 9.30pm/10.00pm Mon, Tue, Thur, some Sunday afternoons.


Date : Monday 4 December at 7.00 pm at the Sewell Barn

Reading and workshopping scenes from the play.


Samuel French: ISBN 9780571218516

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