Tomfoolery - the words and music of Tom Lehrer
Adapted by Cameron Mackintosh and Robin Ray

12-14, 18-21 July 2018 at 7.30pm

Matinée 21 July at 2.30pm

A revue of the witty, wicked, thoroughly twisted world of songwriter Tom Lehrer. This Harvard mathematics professor found world-wide acclaim during the 1960s with performances and recordings of dry, cynical, good humoured attacks on the A-bomb, racism, pollution, the military, boy scouts

and many other topics including his infamous ‘Masochism Tango’. A typical

review observed “Mr Lehrer’s muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.” Years after he stopped performing his satire remains

exceptionally funny, intelligent, observant and thought-provoking,

and resonates topically and painfully half a century later.