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By Federico Garcia Lorca

Director: Phillip Rowe

Contact: / 07388 329083 (email preferred)

Dates of performances 6-8 & 12-15 June (matinee on 15 June) 2019


In rural Spain of the 1930's, Yerma has been married for over two years, but is yet to bear a child. Her husband Juan is only interested in work and does not want children. The need for motherhood becomes an all consuming obsession and, unable to persuade her husband, Yerma makes ever more drastic choices, her actions ultimately leading her to commit a horrendous crime that kills her dreams for ever.


Yerma - a young (20's possibly 30's) passionate woman who is married to a cold man. He is only interested in farming and making money, she is obsessed with having a child. She yearns for this and for intimacy with her husband. But she is fiercely loyal and faithful, to the point of sacrificing happiness with Victor through ‘duty’. So she employs ever more desperate measures to conceive, until she is driven insane by her obsession.

Maria - Yerma's friend, also a young wife and pregnant (20's/30's).

Juan - Yerma's husband. A farmer who is dedicated to his work. Very serious, and traditional (can be any age up to 40's).

Victor - Another farmer. More of a free spirit. There is something unspoken but powerful between him and Yerma (same age as Juan).

La Vieja (Old Woman) - Yerma's source of guidance and wisdom, aligned with Paganism (age indeterminate, but the ability to play 'old' obviously needed!)

Dolores - A medicine woman who has the reputation of granting barren women children (age indeterminate, but older than Yerma).

Other roles in the play will be played by the cast and ensemble.

Please note: music and song will play an essential part in this play, so an ability (or at least a willingness!) to sing would be a good thing. Also note that this play deals with adult themes are there are scenes of a sexual nature.


Because of the nature of this production the auditions will take place over 2 dates. Auditionees are strongly advised to read the play beforehand, especially those auditioning for the part of Yerma.

Sunday 27th January 2019 7pm

Auditions for the character of Yerma only. We will work on selected segments of the text. Audition pieces will be provided on the night, but are available beforehand on request from the director.

Sunday 3rd February 7pm

Ensemble auditions: There are around 30 characters in the play, varying widely in age, from children to the aged, and overwhelmingly female. However, apart from the actress playing Yerma, this production will use a relatively small ensemble cast to play multiple roles using costume, masks, movement and other devices to suggest different characters. For this reason age and gender are not as important as a willingness to be flexible, experiment with theatre and be a team player! To this end the audition will take the form of a workshop, with group exercises, improvisation and text work. There is no reason to prepare anything beforehand, but a familiarity with the play and its themes would be advantageous.


From week beginning 8th April, three rehearsals per week initially, increasing if needed closer to opening, with some possible longer Sunday rehearsals, and a day-long tech rehearsal on the last Sunday before opening.

Script: The translation we will be using is by Jo Clifford (ISBN 9781854595782)